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The goal of Honest inventing is to create a better world. The main business is designing products that solve relevant, everyday problems for people like you and I, improving the world we live in. These products will be produced with sustainability and circularity in mind, creating a positive impact on the world and hopefully on other products and production in the end.

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Preventing and solving posture related problems

A relevant problem for a lot of people is caused by their posture. 25% of dentists experience chronic complaints[1] due to the posture they have to work in, 12% of surgeons have to work less or even have to stop working at all[2]. On top of that, due to the pandemic, more people work from home. Ergonomic circumstances at home are not always optimal, which also leads to injuries[3]. All these people benefit from a product that helps them solve their problems. As a first step to solve these problems we are developing the BodyProtector for STEP, a company active in preventive advice for people working in physically demanding jobs. The BodyProtector measures the way certain body parts are used, and gives feedback when passing a certain threshold.

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Latest news

6-11-'20: Success in start-program, hosted by Novel-T.
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26-08-'20: Honest Inventing officially founded!
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