About Honest Inventing


The purpose of this company is to make the world a better place. By solving relevant, everyday problems for people, their world becomes a better place. This is done is by designing and distributing products and technology that solve these kinds of problems. The products will be produced with sustainability and circularity in mind, the only way forward for our planet.

Everything done at Honest Inventing will be with this goal in mind. Every decision will be reflected to the question if it helps to make the world a better place. This is done for the products, our people and everything else involved. Integrity, optimism, and quality are the pillars we stand on.


The founding story

I am Sjoerd van der Steen, founder of Honest Inventing. Ever since I was a child, it was my dream to become an inventor. I was always inspired by technology and creativity, the reason I chose to study industrial design engineering. My first job was at an engineering firm, developing products with a technical aspect to them. I really enjoyed this, but I was missing the broader questions asked. Why were the products needed? How was it moral to develop these products? Why is making money the only goal of this product? How do these products help to build a sustainable world?

When the financial impact of the pandemic hit the firm I was working, I got the news that my contract would not be continued. As this was a shock at first, it made me realize I got a chance to pursue my own vision. Someone said something very meaningful for me; “You see things that others don’t see“. I think subconsciously, this is where the idea for Honest Inventing was born, I would like to show the world what I see.


Want to be involved?

As with every start-up, there is more work than there is time to complete it, so every help is much appreciated.

Are you a student, looking for an internship or graduation assignment? Do you want to experience the life in a start-up? Contact us! Any useful input is valued, just ask to find out what yours might be!

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