Success in start-program, hosted by Novel-T.

The start-program of Novel-T is focused on validating a business idea. This comprises topics like product-market fit, market research but also practical tips on how to actually start doing useful things. Most importantly, learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, failing as soon as possible and learning what succeeds.

In 4 bi-weekly sessions, these topics were covered, in the end working towards a pitch. Each session, a part of a pitch-deck was built. With this 3-minute-pitch, a jury needed to be convinced of the proposal. The jury was positive about the pitch, granting access to the advanced program, in which the Atlas System will be developed further.

6-11-'20, by Sjoerd


Honest Inventing officially founded!

A day with typical Dutch weather, grey and wet. As the weather was sad, it was a very happy day! Honest Inventing has been officially founded at the chamber of commerce in Enschede!

26-08-'20, by Sjoerd

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